Kelowna Mountain Open For Season

The opening date was set back a month or so, but Kelowna Mountain is inviting visitors to check them out.

The bridges and vineyards opened Canada Day and are open on weekends only, from 10 a.m. untill 5 p.m.

Construction is taking place during weekdays, and the vicinity is closed to the public.

Nicola Consiglio of Kelowna Mountain says visitors are welcome to check out the venue and use the hashtag #kelownamountain on Instagram when taking photos.

Tickets are available for a day pass and can be upgraded to a season’s pass for free.

The Delectables Snack Shop will also be open on weekends and features muffins, baked goods and cold drinks.

Families are welcome to bring a picnic and sit at one of the many scenic spots in the park.

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