Canadian Tour Operator Partnership Opportunity in the CanaDream Club

CanaDream RV Rentals and Sales is looking for Thompson Okanagan Stakeholder Partnerships

Dear Tourism Partner,

CanaDream RV Rental and Sales is seeking Thompson Okanagan RV Campgrounds and Attractions interested in being a part of our CanaDream Club. We would like to include your company listing in our online “Passport to Savings Guide” as well as inside our iPad App, website and next year’s hardcopy brochure.

CanaDream is part of a Global RV Network offering customers and guests access to seven locations in Canada, three locations in the USA and 12 locations in Australia and New Zealand. CanaDream  has a fleet of more than 850 vehicles across Canada and last year hosted guests for approximately 100,000 nights. Together with our partner Apollo Campervans in Australia, New Zealand and the US, we have an inventory of over 5,000 Recreational Vehicles.

CanaDream Club is our exclusive discount program for both rental guests and sales clients. Membership is automatically given to our guests for the duration of their RV vacation with us, while RV Sales customers retain membership for as long as they own the RV they purchased from us. Since the launch of CanaDream Club in 2010, CanaDream has directed additional business to its campground and attraction partners and the feedback from our guests has been very positive.

Our partners are promoted by CanaDream through the following channels:

  • CanaDream Club website with partner listing on interactive map
  • Exposure on our in-location TV channel
  • Recommendations from our Guest Service representatives at pick-up
  • Inclusion of your information in brochure racks at our Guest Experience locations
  • Inclusion (where practical) in our tour itineraries (see sample at
  • Inclusion on our i-Pad application available for a FREE download from the App store. This App is averaging 30-50 downloads a week.
  • Inclusion in the “2017 Passport of Savings” booklet  which is distributed to all guest with an  approx. circulation of 10,000 copies

Our primary goal is to promote your business and to provide our guests with a special discounted  rate. To be able to do so, we ask attraction partners for their net rates, of which we will pass on 10% directly to our guests.  Campground partners pay an annual listing fee of currently $75.00 and we kindly ask them to extend a 10% discount to the guest at time of check in.

The easiest way to register with us is to fill in and submit the sign-up form at  for attraction partners  and for campground and RV Park partners.

I look forward to hear from you and hope to welcome you as one of our valuable partners in the nearby future.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Kind regards


Britta Gretzmacher |  CanaDream Club
CanaDream RV Rentals & Sales ||P:250.306.3810
292154 Crosspointe Dr,
Rocky View County, AB  T4A 0V2

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