Take a ride on a big swing

Adventure seekers be aware, a new adrenaline-junkie attraction is waiting for you in the Shuswap.

The Screaming Eagle Swing officially opened to the public on the weekend, brought to Chase by Treetop Flyers co-owners Ron Betts and Matt Lepp.

“Imagine a swing set in a playground and now imagine the Marvel comics version of that, it is like the Incredible Hulk of swings,” explains Betts.

The swing allows up to three riders to be winched to a maximum height of 95 feet where one rider then pulls a rope attached to a quick release mechanism.

Participants free-fall 30 feet before swinging in a large arc, covering approximately 180 feet of travel.

The participants will accelerate to 80km/h in just two seconds.

“We are calling it a drop swing, it combines a free-fall drop with a huge amazing swing,” says Betts.

“I’ve gone on it so many times and it is unbelievable.”

Guests can chose to ride the swing facing forwards or backwards depending on their need for adrenaline.

“Both ways are equally as fun, but the backwards way is definitely super scary and super fun,” says Betts.

“Anyone who is an adrenaline junkie is going to absolutely love it, but I think anybody is going to love it.”

Betts says testing was completed last week with their engineer and the BC Safety Authority with the swing opening to the public last Friday.

He says they wanted to add the swing to their existing zip-line company to bring something new and exciting to the Shuswap.

Betts brought the idea back to Canada after returning from a second zip-line company he runs in New Zealand, a world-leader country in adrenaline activities. The site there had a similar swing.

“We got to watch people’s reactions and we tried it a lot ourselves and we realized it is just so much fun that it was a product we wanted to bring back here,” says Betts.

“There isn’t anything similar to the Screaming Eagle outside of the lower mainland. There are swings at a couple of other operations, but nothing of this magnitude for sheer height, drop distance and thrill. We wanted the experience to be world-class and from our first taste we knew we had achieved that.”

A video of Betts, Lepp and Steve Kostamo doing the first swing has already racked up more than 12,500 views on Facebook.

“We named it the Screaming Eagle for a good reason, this is going to be an amazing adrenaline experience.” adds Betts.

“Our ziplines all have names that relate to local wildlife, it seemed fitting to include eagles in that narrative.”

The swing is open now and will be open for the rest of the summer with an official grand-opening event planned for early August.

For more information check out the website here.

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