Dr. Seuss artwork pops up in Kelowna for viewing, purchase

About 40 pieces of art by Dr. Seuss are currently on display at the Delta Grand Okanagan Resort. Included in the collection are well-known images from his books along with “Midnight Paintings,” which is a collection of secret art by the icon.

“The secret art of Dr. Seuss was never really seen in his lifetime. This is pretty bloody special,” Christopher Talbot, president of Artevolution.com told KelownaNow.

Artevolution worked directly with the publisher and the estate of Dr. Seuss to get these pieces, which are also up for sale.

The pieces in Kelowna range from $300 all the way up to $30,000.

Talbot said these images aren’t just for the children, either.

“This is an investment. This isn’t just about pleasing the kids or having something cute on the wall. This is something that’s pretty solid,” he said.

“That happens with the brand of Dr. Seuss when over one billion people read the books. Because the limited editions from the estate are strictly controlled, as they sell out, they dramatically escalate in value.”

They’re on display in Kelowna because Artevolution works with high-end homes in the area and are doing a lot of installations. Talbot said people are looking for art that is beautiful, but also worth something.

The secret artwork of Dr. Seuss is mostly geared towards adults. Talbot even said Dr. Seuss was known to paint female breasts here and there.

Original artwork by Dr. Seuss has mostly ended up in museums, with the rare exception of him painting something for friends and family. Talbot said these limited edition pieces were only authorized after Geisel’s death by his widow, Audrey Geisel.

The collection in Kelowna will be on display until July 23.

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