Air Canada Jazz helps Okanagan students reach new heights

A new partnership involving Okanagan College and Air Canada will fast-track piloting students wanting to work for a national airline.

Okanagan College’s commercial aviation diploma program has partnered with Jazz Aviation LP to allow students to take part in the Jazz Aviation Pathways Program. The program serves as a way for students to land flying careers with the national airline, which is owned by Chorus Aviation Inc, the largest regional carrier in Canada.

“We have worked closely with Jazz regarding our program’s curriculum, and expected outcomes for students,” said Dr. Barry McGillivray, Okanagan College’s Acting Dean of Business.

“Our program and our graduates have a good reputation in the industry, and this affords them some advantages in terms of advancing their careers.”

This is one of the first aviation schools in the western part of Canada to take part in the program.

Students will have flight simulator evaluations, student scholarships and the possibility of first officer positions at Jazz.

“Further strengthening our Jazz APP program with the addition of OC, and our first B.C.-based college, is an exciting development,” said Steve Linthwaite, Vice President of Flight Operations at Jazz.

Normally, a pilot who passes their Intermediate Airline Transport Rating exam needs 1,500 hours flying time and 500 hours of multi-engine time to work for Jazz.

Okanagan students will only need 1,000 hours flying time and 250 hours multi-engine flying time.

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