Manic Monday – June 27, 2016

Midnight Musings from our CEO

Did you hear it through the grapevine….really??

The grapevine has long been and excellent source for rumors, gossip and even on occasion for really finding out what is happening. Today however the traditional grapevine  has been replaced with a far more acceptable term that is a frequently quoted reference;  “Word of Mouth” or “WOM Advertising” which by and large is a modern day version of the good ole grapevine.

While few would dispute that “WOM”  is an excellent source for expanding interest in tourism businesses or products, I think most would also agree that it should not be the only source that is relied upon to get messages into the marketplace.

This is particularly true as it relates to the numerous Festivals and Special Events that take place throughout the year and around the region.  I have often learned of an amazing event after it has ended or worse, after it has been cancelled due to a lack of participation or advance ticket sales. I don’t think I am wrong in believing that many of these events could have been sold out had more guests to the region been aware that they were happening.

Until now there has been no single online location that could collect the many events that you might just have been missing out on.  With the launch of the Route 97 digital marketing campaign and our new Festival and Events Page – – you and your potential guests can find out about what is happening, where and when.

Now there is a catch. It is up to all of our stakeholders to make sure this page is populated with all of those iconic events that are taking place, unless of course you would rather keep them a secret. Perhaps you don’t want Manic Mandziuk in attendance….??

My goal this summer is to partake in at least 15 events that I have not attended before and with your help in uploading these great upcoming activities I think I can do it!

A Few Highlights This Weeks News Centre

While we are on the subject of  promoting your events, don’t forget to upload them to Destination BC’s site (read more);  Kamloops and the BC Lottery Corporation have just announced their summer concert series from July 1 – August 31, including 62 free evening performances (read more); make sure to look at the some of the amazing events populating our new Route 97 Events page including  the upcoming Gran Fondo in Penticton; Homecoming in Christina Lake; Country Fest at Sun Peaks; Okanagan Feast of Fields and the Kamloopa Pow Wow to mention just a few (see events)

Registration is now OPEN for this year’s TOTA Golf Tournament taking place on September 1st, 2016 at the Bear Golf Course. This is our 25th anniversary tournament so don’t miss this years festivities which will have a number of memorable moments!

Read all of this weeks New Centre stories at

We hope you keep following and contributing on TOTA’s Facebook and twitter sites throughout the week; send us your stories, photos, events  and remarkable experiences. Make sure the industry knows what is happening around our region and be sure to use the #route97 and #explorebc when posting your tourism shots from around the region.


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