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Destination BC is happy to host any Festival and Event listings that are taking place in your community on It is a relatively simple process, and this document will clearly explain the process to you. Best of the all, it is completely free! Having the event listed on the website can help attract tourists and locals alike to your community’s happenings.

There are, however, a few guidelines to remember. This website is a tourism consumer focused site, designed to encourage visitation to and around British Columbia. Our aim is to provide Festival and Event information that compliments the outstanding tourism experiences and destinations around the province that would be of interest to visitors.

Therefore, niche industry meetings and conferences, membership-only events and events that primarily target local community members, or fundraising, are some examples of events that may not be eligible and will not be approved.

There are two types of Festival and Event listings, and therefore two methods of posting the listings. The two types are: one-off (non-annual) Festivals and Events, and secondly, annual, recurring Festivals and Events. Events may take up to two business days before appearing on the site as they go through an approval process.

See the attached PDF for your instructions!

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