Manic Monday – June 20, 2016

Midnight Musings from our CEO

“Curiouser and curiouser” are words that for many bring back images from Alice in Wonderland and date back to the original book which was published in 1865! Interestingly, Alice was on a bit of a road trip herself when she hoped down the rabbit hole and found the world of Wonderland.  Well we know, that for those who are ready we have a bit of a wild and wonderful road trip in store for our visitors as they explore Route 97.

The proper word of course is “curious”,  which has a number meanings some of which are quite unexpected, many of them suggesting that one’s interest or attention to something may be inexplicable or highly unusual, prying or even somewhat meddlesome.

That is not exactly what our team at TOTA is hoping to spark in our guests as we launch our new marketing program this week. With the unveiling of our new Route 97 Experiences Guide, website and social media program and with the support of our partners at North Central Washington Economic Development District, Destination BC and industry stakeholders we definitely do want to spark that truly curious person in all of us. The one that desires to learn more, see more, know more and enjoy more. Check out the new site at

Our challenge to our guests is to Live Curious – Drive Curious – Be Curious. Step out of the confines of the regular and expected to find more than you could have imagined, change in ways you never expected and do things that bring out the best in you, the daring in you and the joy in you. Shake off the work world, leave the stress of the city behind, take yourself back to a simpler time and just drive that highway.

As you explore the many options along the incredible Route 97 that extends from Weed California to the Gold Rush Trail you may just even run into the White Rabbit (at Three Blind Mice Trail) or imagine find yourself a bit of a Mad Hatter after a few locally distilled beverages but we assure you  this is one looking glass you won’t want to put down.

For more on Route 97 and how to get your business on line and out in front of visitors and potential guests contact Meaghan Racine at

A Few Highlights This Weeks News Centre

There are a lot of exciting things happening on Route 97 at the moment starting with proposed upgrades to the Highway 97 in and around the Peachland area (read more); also a popular spot on Route 97 is the O’Keefe Ranch, which continues to make improvements to their product and is pleased to be in receipt of a grant for $150,000 from the City of Vernon (read more). Looking for a wonderful event this July long weekend…. the fourth annual Trestle Tour is happening once again on July 3rd. This event is a great day for the whole family as long as you are ready to cycle from Myra Canyon to Penticton on a supported ride (read more). There are a number of great events taking place this summer!  Make sure to get your tickets in advance for Summer Suds in Vernon July 16th (read more);  head to the Rockin River Weekend July 28-31 in Merritt (read more); or enjoy the fun of Dinner Theatre at the RJ Haney Heritage Village in Salmon Arm presenting “The Dress” (read more).

Don’t forget to SAVE THE DATE for this year’s TOTA Golf Tournament taking place on September 1st, 2016 at the Bear Golf Course.  Watch for registration coming out soon.

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