Calgary Media Event, Destination BC, TOTA

Calgary Media Event

TOTA attends the Destination BC Calgary Media Event in May

Destination BC holds media events in key markets once a year in Calgary, Vancouver and Seattle. Howard Grieve, Travel Trade and Media Specialist recently attended the Calgary Media Event.

33 A-list media attended the event held at the Charbar Restaurant in Calgary. In addition to Destination BC representatives, media specialists from the six regions of the province were joined by key BC city representatives as well.

The two and a half hour event is structured as a reception followed by a sit down dinner. To enable representatives to interact with as many media as possible, there is a rotation between tables pre-planned in unison with each course delivered for the meal. By dessert, everyone has had an opportunity to meet with the journalists.

The intent of the event is too allow destination representatives to begin and strength relationships with media and to send them away with inspiring story ideas. Each media person is provided with a departing gift bag containing print versions of each destination’s story tip ideas.

In addition to printed and current story ideas, general discussion inevitably allows for classic story ideas to resurface for additional interest and potential story coverage. Media attending the shows are added to CRM databases for regular contact when new story ideas are presented.

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