ReelPeachFest film festival returns to Penticton

August 3-7, 2016

The second annual ReelPeachFest film festival returns to the Penticton Peach Festival this Aug. 3 to 7 at the Peters Bros. Construction main stage in Okanagan Lake Park.

“Each night before the main act plays at 9:30 p.m. we have a space to fill as the stage gets set up. It is too dark and crowded to have other entertainment,” said Peach Festival president Don Kendall. “Last year the concept was very popular and well received. The event expands entertainment value and diversity to help grow our signature festival in Penticton. With the Tim Horton’s giant screen available on site the ReelPeachFest is an opportunity to engage the thousands of people in Okanagan Lake Park.”

Filmmakers can submit one to three minute commercials or short films in one of two categories. Liquid Libations: any commercial or short film concerning Okanagan wine, craft beer, distillery, cidery or juice/soda.

Okanagan Experience: any commercial or short film showcasing an Okanagan experience (arts, culture or tourism).

Prize money for each category will be as follows — first $1,000, second $500, third $250 and prize money for the Fan’s Choice award is $500.

“For a filmmaker to showcase their work in front of 5,000-plus people is very attractive, add in social media exposure for fan voting, plus with the cash prizing we feel there will be even greater interest than last year. We have a very creative collective in the Okanagan. We want to build off of the momentum and energy from last year’s submissions and take it up a notch” said organizer Andrew Jakubeit. “Tourism Penticton can use the collateral to promote the region with authentic experiences from different perspectives and Peachfest has a time slot to fill so it is a win-win for all.”

Each submission will grant the prize sponsor Tourism Penticton the non-exclusive use of all or part of their submission for Tourism Penticton and/or regional promotion

“We live in such a beautiful area with multiple offerings and experiences off the beaten path. We also have a burgeoning libations industry so we need to celebrate and showcase what we have at our doorstep,” said Jakubeit.

The festival is open to professionals and wannabe filmmakers.

“We are looking for more than a few pretty pictures strung together. There should be visuals that entertain and creatively tell a story about the Okanagan that evokes community pride, call to action or an emotional response” said  Jakubeit.

Festival entry deadline will be July 31.

For more information please visit

Submissions are to be family friendly — TV commercial content (no nudity, swearing, excessive violence, etc.).

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