New ‘eyes’ on highways

The Ministry of Transportation has installed 12 new highway cams along three variable speed routes in the province.

The cameras have been installed on the Coquihalla Highway (five), Sea-To-Sky Highway (three) and Highway 1 (four).

“These new cameras mean those planning to travel along the Coquihalla, the Sea-to-Sky and Trans-Canada highways can check the routes for conditions before they leave,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Todd Stone.

“Now we have more than 550 highway webcam images available to help drivers ‘know before they go’ and make travel plans according to traffic congestion, weather conditions, and other events or advisories posted for our provincial roadways.”

The new cameras on the Coquihalla were installed between the Portia Interchange and the Britton Creek Rest Area.

On June 2, the variable speed limit zone signs were activated. On June 6, the signs were in use during a traffic control set up as part of maintenance of the Great Bear Snowshed on the Coquihalla.

As conditions can change quickly depending on the weather system in the area, drivers are encouraged to check current route conditions on DriveBC before travelling in order to avoid delays, and are reminded to be aware of adjusted speeds within the variable speed limit zones.

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