FoodFlicks: Eat.Drink.Watch.Discuss

Screening the Food Security Film: 'Gaining Ground'

Tackle big topics with food, drink, and conversation! FoodFlicks is the 3rd event of this type, brought to you by FarmFolk CityFolk, Slow Food Thompson Okanagan, and Okanagan College’s Food, Wine and Tourism program.

Tuesday, May 31 at 6pm

Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence, Okanagan College Penticton
583 Duncan Ave West

Tickets $20

This season’s theme is Food Security & Community. Mingle, beverage in hand, in our community groups showcase and talk to people and groups who are effecting change. Eat a delicious light dinner provided by Theo’s Restaurant and enjoy watching a screening of ‘Gaining Ground’.  Afterwards, bring the topics raised in the film into a local context with a discussion panel.

EAT: Savour a delicious light meal from Theo’s Restaurant, a family-owned Penticton landmark who champion local food and foraging and have recently started their own rooftop microgreens beds to supply their kitchen.

DRINK: Enjoy a welcoming drink with your entry fee. On offer are a variety of local options, both alcoholic and non.


GAINING GROUND, a feature-length documentary film by Elaine Velazquez and Barbara Bernstein, tells the stories of farmers making extraordinary changes in their farming practices so they can feed their local communities sustainably grown produce and grains. From farms in Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley to underserved communities of color in Richmond, California, GAINING GROUND reveals the tenacity and courage of these diverse urban and rural farmers, committed to serving and empowering their communities. The documentary interweaves experiences of urban farmer-activists in inner city Richmond, California; a small family farm in rural Oregon converting from a commodity dairy to a sustainably grown produce farm; and a large farm in the Willamette Valley transitioning from grass seed to organic grains. GAINING GROUND instills in its viewers the potential to create change on a personal, local and global scale. Our goal is to inspire people to make choices in their own lives that support local and sustainable food and the farmers who are working to take back our food system.

The stories in GAINING GROUND document the courage and effort it takes to question your assumptions,values and practices and be willing to do something different. The protagonists demonstrate the commitment and tenacity it takes to make meaningful change.

Produced by Elaine Velazquez & Barbara Bernstein; Directed by Elaine Velazquez

DISCUSS: After the film we will host a facilitated discussion bringing ideas raised in the film into context for our region. Panelists will answer questions and give practical advice on practical ways to address sustainability and food security in the Okanagan.

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