Introduction to the Net Promoter Score

Research document by Nancy Radman

Destination BC’s Research, Planning and Evaluation team conducts research on various aspects of the tourism industry, providing industry partners with information to enhance the effectiveness of future marketing and development projects.

Recently released are two research documents by Nancy Radman, Senior Researcher Destination BC.

The documents are titled – Introduction to the Net Promoter Score and How to Measure Net Promoter Score in BC Communities.

In late 2014, Destination British Columbia (DBC) released a new corporate strategy. A key goal of the strategy is for British Columbia to become the most highly recommended destination in North America. The Net Promoter Score® (NPS®)1, developed by Frederick Reichheld and Bain & Company in 2002, is a simple metric that can be used to measure the intention to recommend/refer a travel destination, organization or sector and is also an indicator of overall satisfaction with the travel or customer experience. Therefore, DBC actively encourages its tourism partners (e.g. businesses, communities, sectors) to measure and increase their NPS. This document provides an introduction to what the NPS is and how it is currently being used in the tourism industry.

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