Manic Monday – March 7, 2016

Midnight Musings from our CEO

Over the past four days I have been brought back to the true meaning of all that encompasses “The Road Trip”. Driving with the CaravanFest to Seattle it brought back a wave of nostalgia surrounding the family vacation. I’m sure most of us have been there… loading up the van with far more than intended, bringing along a cooler full of snacks that were most often consumed in the first hour, the dreaded but necessary “cone of silence” that envelopes the car after making a wrong turn (or even a few of them) and the pure and simple pleasure derived from driving new routes, pondering the lives of those in the towns you pass through and watching the landscape change ever slowly with each kilometre that rolls by.

So many of those vacations have been replaced in recent years with flights to exotic locations where winter could literally turn to summer within the time lapse of 4 hours. For many millennials the idea of packing into a what amounts to 119 cubic feet for a lengthy road trip is not only unheard of, but somewhat terrifying.

Times however are changing and with it a return to travel experiences that are closer to home. The Thompson Okanagan is a prime destination for those that seek the thrill of the open road whether by car, van, electric car or motorcycle. Our routes and corridors from 97 to 3, 33 to 5 and the mighty Trans Canada all offer incredible opportunities to create vacations in our region that will become the fabric of new family memories for years to come.

A Few Highlights This Weeks News Centre

Minister Shirley Bond remarks on the tremendous increase in tourism realized in 2015 and  we are pleased to say that early indications suggest even larger growth for 2016 in  British Columbia and the Thompson Okanagan (read more). Thank you to the RDOS, ATBC, and Nk’Mip Resort for their part in the C2C Conference in Osoyoos last week. These meetings brought together Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal leaders from South Okanagan to discuss the ongoing development of the  Aboriginal Tourism  product in the Thompson Okanagan Region.  One of the key topics was increased communication and education. To that end we are pleased to see the announcement of the a 20,000 grant from TRU for the development of a Sweat Lodge (read more)

Congratulations to all of the athletes that participated in the 2016 Winter Games in Penticton last week. Our news centre is full stories on the outstanding success of the participants and athletes (read more 1, read more 2, read more 3)  

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We hope you keep following and contributing on TOTA’s Facebook and twitter sites throughout the week.  This past weekend a number of our stakeholders, along with TOTA, travelled to Seattle to attend the Travel Trips Adventure Gear Expo presenting CaravanFest “A Curation of Thompson Okanagan Essentials”, bringing the Thompson Okanagan to the Pacific Northwest Market.  #caravanfest @caravanfest Watch facebook for vignettes of this past weekends activities

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