Electric Car Company Opens Supercharger Station in Kelowna

Electric Car Company Opens Supercharger Station in Kelowna

Tesla drivers can rejoice because there’s a supercharger station now in Kelowna.

The charging station has been set up at the Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites. Tesla contacted the Best Western in Kelowna because of their commitment to go green.

“It’s a really good fit for Tesla to partner up with a business that has really strong commitment to the environment and green initiatives,” Rosemary Paterson, general manager of Best Western said.

Tesla vehicles are electric and only have one moving part, the rotor, unlike gasoline engines, which have hundreds of moving parts. The Tesla Model S has been named the safest car on the road, by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A Tesla car can be leased for $1,430 a month on a 36 months lease term.

A supercharger station is more powerful than any of charging technology up to this point. The plug will provide up to 120 kilowatts of power and will replenish 200 km of range in only 30 minutes.

The Best Western in Kelowna offers multiple other electric car charging ports as well.

If you’re an owner of a Tesla vehicle charging ports are free to use forever. They’re available 24 hours a day and will help long distance travel.

There is one plug offered in Kelowna, which became available at the end of December. There are more than 250 Supercharger stations in North America, including six in British Columbia.

Paterson said they will be having a grand opening of the Supercharging station with Tesla later in January.

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