Racetrack Breaks Ground

Racetrack Breaks Ground

Local dignitaries gathered in Oliver, Wednesday, for a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Area 27 Motorsports Country Club.

Lake Excavating has been mobilizing heavy equipment to the Area 27 site. Since the November 1 lease signing Trevor Seibert, professional motorsport driver and Area 27 co-founder, and his team have been working hard securing crossing permits and engineering cuts and fills, run-off areas and pits and paddocks.

Items like sight lines, spectator viewing areas and access roads are incorporated into the design with a high degree of attention to detail with focus on function and aesthetics.

“The goal is to create the best possible facility, something all members will be proud of,” said Bill Drossos, Area 27 president and co-founder. “In the coming weeks we will update the website with a new track page, featuring frequently updated construction information and images.”

Owners are also in the process of finalizing club bylaws and the membership agreement for the newly formed Area 27 Motorsports Society.

For more information on Area 27, go to: http://www.area27.ca

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