Remarkable Experiences Workshop Module I

Great Day of Leaning as the Remarkable Experience Pilot Group meet at Myra Canyon Ranch

October 26th was the first formal workshop for the Remarkable Experiences Pilot group working together as a tourism cluster focused on the development of the  KVR Rail Trail. Lead by Trevor Jurgens and attended by Destination BC’s Ninette Ollgaard,  Jennifer MacIntrye and TOTA Team member Ellen Walker-Matthews the day proved to be highly insightful with B2B learning’s that extended well beyond the facilitated program.  Nine of our ten Remarkable Experiences Stakeholders were in attendance with one having to Skype in all the way from New Zealand. In the days immediately following the workshop each of the business owners met one on one with Destination Think to specifically evaluate their individual business and how they can strive to make them even more “Remarkable”. The program will continue until April 2016 with the next workshop module schedule for December 14th and 15th.

Thanks to our wonderful meeting hosts Kathrin and Rolf at Myra Canyon Ranch who provided the perfect setting for this first meeting and offered up a wide array of delicious local flavors for our breakfast, lunch and snacks. They set the tone for a truly Remarkable Experience.

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