Calgary to Kelowna – $100

Jump on Flyaways

A new charter service is offering discount flights to the Okanagan from Alberta.

Jump On Flyaways allows customers to book seats on one-weekend-only return trips, direct from Calgary.

The charter planes are used during the week to transport workers to and from the Alberta oilpatch, but otherwise remain idle on weekends.

“We have done 15 flights or so. From Calgary to Kelowna, Vancouver and Vegas,” says CEO Roger Jewett. “We charter the airplane so we can depart and return at perfect times, that is a real advantage of what we do.”

The company books the plane for the weekend, and if it’s able to fill the plane, it can offer the seats at a significantly reduced price, compared to regular airline fares. But if the plane doesn’t fill up, you don’t get to fly.

For example, Calgary to Kelowna leaving Friday evening and returning Sunday evening can cost up to $600 (return) on a traditional airline, whereas Jump On offers the same flights for $239.

“Some flights go, and some don’t go. Because the planes only go if we fill them up, we don’t run the risk of flying an empty airplane around and losing our shirts, so we can guarantee the best possible price to customers.”

If the flight doesn’t book enough seats, it’s cancelled and the customer isn’t charged.

“It is an emotional risk, but no financial risk,” adds Jewett. “The prices are so good that it is worth a bit of a chance.”

If you become a member on the company website, additional discounts are available. You can even bid on standby seats for as little as $100 return.

“An empty seat is a wasted opportunity,” says Jewett.

If flights don’t sell out, customers are informed if their bid is accepted 48 hours before departure.

“We’re in business to offer members an innovative, low-cost and sustainable flight alternative. As our support base grows, we’ll be able to offer a regular service to popular destinations.”

The company hopes to have a flight booked every weekend.

“The more people who fly with us, the more flights we can offer,” said Jewett.

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