Seattle Media Event

Destination BC Seattle Media Event

Every year Destination BC hosts a Seattle Media event attended by journalists and editors based in the city. This year, on July 14th, Howard Grieve, Travel Trade and Media Specialist attended and mingled with 47 attendees. Hosted at the Olympic Rooftop Pavilion at the Hotel Ballard, Destination BC, 6 regions and select city representatives had an opportunity to mingle with the writers and editors during a welcome reception and during a well-organized ‘shuffle of seating positions by dinner course’. The Thompson Okanagan continues to be a popular source of stories ideas with local flavours being a focus. Seattle media are very familiar with the Thompson Okanagan region and many stories have been written by them. It is common to have them attend fams in region and to see them attending GoMedia and Canada Media Marketplace.

Attendees left with a double sided print version of the latest story ideas and follow up included sending out additional information and updating profiles in the TOTA CRM system Simpleview.

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